Camo Systems

Camo Systems

CAMO products are easy to use, easy to learn, and usable on any deck—so you can get the job done and move on.

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    • CAMO tools utilize your favorite drill instead of requiring you to buy a tool with a drill attached
    • Screws are engineered to prevent board splitting, while Clips are designed for maximum strength
    • We offer solutions to reduce the labor you need to get the job done well
    • CAMO ClipDRIVE allows you to easily target screws, fastening clips up to 5X faster than other hidden fastening systems
    • CAMO DRIVE enables you to move quickly from joist to joist so you can install square decking 2X faster than hand driving screws
    • Thanks to their one-pass fastening technology, you can install CAMO Universal Deck Clips 2X faster than other grooved fasteners
    • CAMO stand-up tools are easier on your body, taking the strain off of your back and knees
    • CAMO Universal Deck Clips are simple to set and stay in place on the joist or in the board’s groove
    • Our intuitive systems are easy to understand and don’t require a manual to get started
    • CAMO brings versatility to our products so that you can use our fasteners and tools on multiple jobs
    • Investing in a CAMO system pays for itself on the first job with all of the time and labor you’ll save
    • You can rely on CAMO to have the solutions you need for every deck you install

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